5 fruits for weight loss For office ladies Even if you don't exercise, you can get slim.

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5 fruits for weight loss For office ladies Even if you don't exercise, you can get slim.

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Office ladies who love health and are worried that they will gain weight because they do not have time to choose fruit to lose weight. If choosing a fruit A fruit cart is also a good choice. There are also different kinds to choose from, but when you eat it, it is suitable for the lifestyle of people who do not have time. Let's see which fruit to choose to eat crazy.

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1.Apple has been known for a long time for its deliciousness and low sugar. It is a fruit that is often used to lose weight. It is rich in vitamins, dietary fibers, minerals that help keep you full for a long time. Do not think of food often, nourish the skin, 1 fruit only has 60 calories, it is considered great, hurry to buy and eat.

2. Guava, a weight loss fruit that has properties in terms of reducing the decomposition of starch. It also helps the body not absorb sugar so it can be used quickly as well. It has very little sugar in itself, 1 large fruit has only 3 teaspoons of sugar. Half a child has only 60 calories, very suitable for girls. Who really want to control weight

3. Watermelon, juicy fruit, sweet taste, delicious, unbeatable, low in sugar, eat and refresh. Reduce the craving for dessert as well, perfect as a replacement for dessert after a meal with 10 bite-sized pieces that provide only 60 kcal and 2 teaspoons of sugar. The cart comes next time. Hurry and order now

4. Big apple rose apple will provide only 50 kcal of energy because it is low in carbohydrates and sugar. It also contains high fiber to aid in excretion. Helps control cholesterol and blood fat levels. Called with features that are complete, not allergic to other types of fruit, it is suitable for a weight loss fruit. By bringing to eat as a snack and can not be overlooked as ever.

5. Mango, although rich in starch, but if you do not eat too much, only half the fruit. Mango is a fruit that can be used to lose weight, not allergic to other fruits with 80-90 kcal of calories of a medium fruit. Alternating with other fruits, it helps to eat fruits that are not monotonous, boring, reduce the craving for dessert as well.

Eating fruit for weight loss If it really helps to reduce Should not be eaten together with flavoring powder. Such as salt and sugar should be eaten fresh, may be refrigerated or not frozen. Which will get sugar from fruit, which is usually good sugar for the body and not fat If eaten with various seasoning powder Surely has more salt and sugar than the body needs Which is not good for physical health Controlling or losing weight Will certainly not work

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