6 small pleasures that can be achieved in everyday life

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6 small pleasures that can be achieved in everyday life

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Everyone works to earn "money" to spend on the four factors of life. Granted, more money can be used to buy more satisfaction. But it's not like buying happiness, and most importantly, sometimes focusing on money alone makes us miss the opportunity to experience the little happiness that can happen on our own. And can be done in daily life Without having to do anything to get tired

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Today we would like to introduce you to the small pleasures that happen easily by our own in everyday life. Should help many people enough to smile On the day that felt the worst.

Find your favorites

Working so many people don't have time to sit and watch dramas, watch series, watch variety programs. But in the time that I had time on my own Finding a fun series, TV shows you love to watch Favorite cartoon Or going to the department store, going to the cinema, buying 1 bucket of popcorn is a very effective stress treatment. Try not to look for things that will make you more stressful. But if it's a genre that you like To see without having to think about anything Just watch because I want to see Look to know what happened, it should be enough.

Eat delicious food

Each of them has a favorite menu. And a menu that will make yourself feel better when you feel bad, not the same The happiness of many people is eating, which eating to heal stress is not wrong. It just requires some restraint and limits the amount not to be overloaded. You can ask for health problems. Try to give yourself 1 day every week to eat delicious food. Things that you love without having to sit and starve, sit and calculate calories. Will help to become more energetic and energetic


The nature of a hobby is a job that we are interested in doing in our free time. Do it to make yourself happy Not made for earning And it's not illegal or morally Will read books, listen to music, plant trees, water plants, DIY plants, do whatever you like. Do as you do What do you like If anything is happy, just do it. Do not care what people around you think. Do it for our own comfort (But not suffering other people) is enough

Take a shower, wash your hair, open a concert in the bathroom.

On days when I feel bad Try running cool water to take a shower, so you don't have to rush to wash your hair as well. Gently massage your head and let the water run through your body. Enjoy the scent of scented shampoo or body soap while listening to the sound of running water. Feel good, don't tell anyone Or, if anyone has the money today, he has a Color Changing LED Shower Head, a LED shower head that will make our shower not the same anymore. Goods for people to shower for 10 minutes, but the concert has been opened for half an hour.

Play with pets

People with pets will understand well. How it feels to have these guys Some pets are attached to their owners. Some see us as slaves. I barely passed by. But believe it or not, on a tired day, on a bad day, they can know that we're not okay. For example, some unusual cats are not perverse. He always likes to walk upright. It will change to Come to snuggle together as a friend Let us relieve some suffering If any day that feels bad Let's turn to play with them.


We know everyone knows everyone knows that sleep is the best rest. Because it's not just to treat the body's fatigue But also helps alleviate mental suffering Many people believe that tomorrow will be better than today. Therefore choose to sleep faster In order to get through this cruel day There is still hope in life Let's just go through today. Or if nothing needs to be done Maybe try waking up a little later Will make you feel like you have stayed longer